Summer League Final 2023

We had such a lovely time hosting the Summer League 2023 finals. The top scoring climbers from the Summer League rounds battled it out in four categories: intermediate male, female, open, and advanced male.

Each category tackled three challenging blocs set by Ben and Zoe to determine the category winners. It was such a great night filled with enthusiasm and cheers from the crowd, we couldn’t have asked for a better vibe. As climbers pushed themselves to top the blocs, the supporters cheered them on every step of the way. It was definitely one of those ‘this is why we do this’ moments. 

A massive shoutout to all our competitors who gave it their all and made the night so much fun. And a big thank you to everyone who joined us, our judges @peetermanss and @maxthefuture@houseofloft who provided the soundtrack to the night and those of you who were cheering from the sidelines.

The Summer League 2023 Champions:

Intermediate Male:
🥇 Gold: Dan Gibson
🥈 Silver: Chris Morrow
🥉 Bronze: Dave Clarke

🥇 Gold: Becky Stephenson
🥈 Silver: Emma Kennard
🥉 Bronze: Miranda Horne

Open Category:
🥇 Gold: Luka Small
🥈 Silver: Ash Fenton
🥉 Bronze: Oswyn Hodgson

Advanced Male:
🥇 Gold: Will Danks-Tatham
🥈 Silver: Oliver Barry
🥉 Bronze: George Stables

Matty took a load more photos on the night, we’ve put them raw and unedited in a gallery here:

Keep your eyes peeled for the Winter League, coming soon with a slight change to the format. Watch out for dates on our socials. 


CB x

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