Get to Grips Family Induction

Weekends | Beginners Family Induction

Saturdays & Sundays | 13:30 – 14:30
Price: £60 per family (up to 2 kids and 2 adults)

Embark on an unforgettable climbing adventure with your family. Led by experienced instructors, this session offers an hour of engaging activities, covering warm-ups, safety, and techniques for confident climbing. Once you’ve mastered the basics, continue climbing in the centre to put your newfound skills to the test.

During the session, you can expect:

An Introduction to Our Centre: You will be introduced to our facility and learn about the different climbing grades.

Bouldering Safety: Instructors will run through safety measures while bouldering, ensuring a safe climbing experience.

Warm-Up: Our instructor will run through a thorough warm-up to prepare your family for the climb ahead.

Techniques: Introduction to techniques such as foot placement and tackling handholds for more effective climbing.

Climbing Together: Enjoy exercising as a family, supporting each other and having fun whilst learning a new skill.

You can also look forward to warm-up ideas, ample climbing time, and engaging games that keep the kids entertained whilst tackling the climbs.


Please note that each slot is reserved for one family of up to 4 members. Individual spaces are not refundable.

Includes free climbing after your class and climbing shoe hire.

Had a taster session today and Dan was a fantastic coach despite us being complete novices. Really enjoyed it and would recommend to all newcomers.