Testimonials from Schools

The sport of bouldering has an appeal that seems to suit particularly well those individuals that are perhaps more aligned with pursuits rather than team sports. So in order to offer a balanced array of opportunities, QEGS has been taking boys to CityBloc for a number of years, both as an afternoon games option and as an after school club. The facilities at CityBloc are excellent, making use of an old foundry building that is continuously being developed to provide multiple bouldering spaces, a competition room, a gym, a yoga space, changing facilities and a cafe area. The climbing offers numerous colour coded routes set at all grades, from beginner to expert (and beyond in the competition room!). These routes are reset regularly, to provide an evolving environment that is as mentally stimulating as it is physically challenging.

However the biggest strength of CityBloc is the quality of the instructors that work there. All are very approachable, knowledgeable, patient and also very capable climbers. They work to generate a friendly climbing experience that encourages the boys to push their level of climbing safely and without ego. Indeed many of our boys have joined as full members at CityBloc and it is always pleasing to see old boys of the school climbing there, years after they were introduced to Bouldering through the school climbing club. We will continue to include CityBloc in our extra curricular provision for the foreseeable future.

Pete McWilliam, QEGS Wakefield

One of the projects we run for school groups in the Leeds community is called Inspirations program, on this we use different non-traditional activities to engage and give all the young people a level playing field who have been referred onto our programs through their schools. We use Citybloc as one of our main venues for our program as their indoor bouldering/climbing centre is great for building confidence and resilience amongst the young people we bring there.

The coaches we work with at Citybloc understand that we bring children who have low self esteem and low confidence levels, they help to ease them all into the climbing session with mini activities build the confidence before they try the different climbing routes starting them on easier ones before challenging the young people on other harder climbing routes. 

In addition, you see a clear positive change in the children’s mood and confidence as once they are full involved, they all have a great time so for this reason that is why we continue to bring groups to Citybloc.

Jermaine Savery, Active Leeds

When we started our programme with CityBloc we really knew very little about them as an organisation and the staff as individuals. That said it has easily been the best teaching decision that we’ve made. It is clear every time the kids step onto the mat that the instructors have a clear plan for what they want to help the students develop and achieve that week. This has resulted in a clear demonstration of progression and development from both year 9’s and 8’s. This isn’t limited only to the climbing wall, they’ve also developed as people, learning how to interact with adults in different situations within a safe environment. The staff at CityBloc have all had a brilliant impact on the students through not only the way they interact with the students but also in the ways that they direct, and redirect, their energies positively on the wall. 

The students have all taken a huge liking to all the staff they’ve encountered, but particularly Dan and Andy. This is due completing to how well the pair of them work with and coach these kids. 

Also, it is abundantly clear that these guys know their stuff. The amount of climbing questions they get asked by both students and staff has proven time and time again that they are experts. 

Just to sum up, Takin the kids down to CityBloc is the ultimate highlight of my week.

James Vearling – Rodillian Academy