Adult 1-2-1 Coaching

Custom Coaching to Smash Your Goals

Our adult 1-2-1 coaching sessions provide a focused and customised approach, guiding you towards achieving your climbing goals. Whether you’re striving to build skills, strength, enhance overall fitness, or conquer specific challenges on the wall, our experienced coaches are committed to supporting you in achieving this. Each session is crafted to address your unique goals, ensuring a personalised and effective experience.


Personalised Approach: Benefit from one-to-one sessions tailored exclusively to meet your unique needs and aspirations

Tailored Progression: Receive a bespoke training plan, ensuring consistent and rewarding progress.

Expert Guidance: Tap into the wealth of experience our coaches bring, dedicated to your ultimate success.

Flexible Scheduling: Enjoy the convenience of sessions at times that fit your calendar.

Pick the coaching pack that fits your goals, and we’ll lend a hand to make them happen.

Whether it’s the 4 Class Pack for a consistent weekly workout at £96 or the 2 on 2 off Project Pack at £176, designed to help you conquer local outdoor climbs with a mix of indoor and outdoor sessions. Let us be your guide to reach your goals.

4 Class Pack

Price: £96 for the pack (20% off regular price)

     – Four one-hour sessions
     – Training plan ideas provided to structure sessions over the 4 weeks
     – Ideal for those who prefer a weekly workout routine

8 Class Pack

  Price: £180 for the pack (25% discount)

     – Eight one-hour sessions
     – Structured training plan for continued development post-sessions
     – Suitable for bi-weekly sessions or those committing to a longer-term set of sessions

2 on 2 off Project Pack

Price: £176 (20% discount)

     – Two 90-minute sessions on Rock and two 60-minute sessions off Rock
     – Goal-driven indoor sessions and plans for conquering an outdoor project route
     – Perfect for climbers with a local outdoor project, alternating indoor and outdoor sessions
     – Designed for most local crags within 25 miles of City Bloc (additional travel available at extra cost)
     – Mat rental included; participants provide their own transportation

About the 2 on 2 off Project Pack

This coaching pack is specifically crafted for individuals tackling a local outdoor project that needs that extra push. The balanced structure of two indoor sessions followed by two outdoor sessions is recommended, starting with the first session outdoors. This approach allows for beta work and preparation during the indoor sessions before attempting the outdoor climb.

The 2 on, 2 off pack is tailored for local crags within a 25-mile radius of City Bloc. For crags beyond this range, additional travel options are available at an extra cost. Mat rental is included in the package, but participants are responsible for their own transportation to the venue.

Meet Our Coaching Team

Our coaching team at City Bloc covers everything from helping beginners to refining dynamic climbing techniques and encouraging more mindful approaches. Each coach has their specialty, supporting climbers with various interests and skill levels. Whether you’re a newbie or want to fine-tune specific aspects, our experienced team is here to give you tailored guidance and make your climbing experience the best it can be.


Dan firmly believes that solid technique forms the bedrock of exceptional climbing. His mission is to debunk the “I’m too weak” excuse and explore alternative approaches to surpass strength reliance.

Whether you’re a newcomer to the Bloc or a seasoned climber of decades, Dan coaches individuals of all abilities, recognising that continuous learning and development are integral to the climbing journey. As a certified outdoor instructor, he seamlessly transitions between indoor and outdoor settings, refining your skills and helping you conquer challenging projects.

A familiar face on many of our sessions, from beginners to more advanced sessions, Dan is super experienced at conducting personalised and group sessions. His enthusiasm is contagious, aiming to ignite inspiration and passion for the sport among climbers.


Zoe is a powerhouse on the GB Climbing Team and a regular face in our route-setting crew, bringing extra knowledge to the coaching table. You’ll often find Zoe infusing vibrant energy into the Wednesday Women’s Social.

Zoe is your go-to person if you’re looking to finesse your comp climbing skills. Her infectious enthusiasm promises to inject psych into your journey as you build both skills and confidence on the wall.

Climbing with Zoe goes beyond the physical ascent; it’s about nurturing everyone so they can thrive. So, whether you’re a relative newbie or aiming to get more dynamic on the comp wall, Zoe’s passion and expertise will ensure your climbing adventure is as enjoyable as it is empowering.


Meet Andy, the coach with a laid-back and nurturing vibe, focusing on personal growth and all-round wellbeing. In his sessions, Andy combines mindful movement with a good dose of fun, whether you’re tackling a climbing bloc or honing in on warm-up and stretching. He customises the session for anyone, no matter their level, creating a supportive and easygoing atmosphere. For Andy, it’s more than just climbing; it’s about mindfulness and embracing your entire self.

Dive into a 1-2-1 session with Andy, where every climb feels like a personal triumph, and each step adds to your overall wellbeing. It’s not your typical session; it’s a supportive and nurturing experience with a coach who’s all about making sure you enjoy yourself while looking after your wellbeing.


Meet Ben, the seasoned climbing maestro behind City Bloc Climbing Wall. With over 20 years as an instructor, former competition climber, and route-setter, Ben tends to support stronger climbers facing plateaus or specific challenges. His vast experience, including being a former member of the British Competition Climbing Team, developing routes in Ilkley Rocky Valley, and achieving first ascents up to V11, sets him apart.

As the dedicated owner of City Bloc, Ben is on a mission to cultivate a welcoming and inclusive community for climbers of all levels. With his team of expert coaches, he is committed to helping you finesse your climbing skills and achieve your goals, regardless of your experience level. Ben’s coaching style, marked by patience, encouragement, and expertise, makes him an excellent guide for climbers aspiring to improve.

Rest assured, with Ben’s wealth of experience both indoors and outdoors, you’re in capable hands to take your climbing to the next level.