Bloc Party 2021



Our last Bloc Party, which was in fact our 10th Bloc Party to date, was all the way back in 2019 just before the year which shall not be named! Although, the silver-lining to 2020 for City Bloc was that it gave us the space & time to remodel the centre to not only provide a top-level climbing experience for climbers of all natures day-in-day-out, but to throw parties like this Saturday 30th October 2021. This year was the first ceremonial event in the new Comp Room, which was built with epic comps like this Saturday in mind!

Our mission with Bloc Party is to go bigger and better every year and we truly believe that everyone involved played their part in making this happen once again. Over 150 people stepped through our doors for a fun day of competitive and good spirited-climbing, trying their shot at becoming the Bloc Party 2021 Champion!

Eagerly, everybody grabbed their scorecard and free t-shirt and got cracking at 30 problems – the energy of the room was electric. We loved seeing everybody taking part for the fun of it and those who basically flashed their ways into the semi-finals.

The top 12 climbers from the male and female categories went head-to-head on matching problems to determine their place in the final or not. For the full results, see below:


1Emily Phillips
2Holly Toothill
3Thea Cameron
4Fae MacDougal
5Flo Brailsford
6Ava Hamilton


1Hamish McArthur
2Kieran Forrest
3Jack McDougal
4Sam Butterworth
5Ben Preston
6Joseph Xiberras


2Rex Cameron249
3Oliver Know-Renshaw245
4Aaron Spencer241
5Xavier Squires235
6Ethan Scrutton227
7Zach Kimberling225
8Sam Rothwell-Wood190
9James Groom187
10James Ainge183
11Simon Dlugos174
12Oliver Goodwin163
13Yusuf Hussain122
14Joseph Wood110
15William Cox110
16Alex Foster105
17Jacob Goodwin94
18Gab Hooper84
19Travis Archer80
20Isaac Wall80


1Lucy Garlick255
2Lily Kinnersley233
3Grace Coron220
4Nienna Midgley Hurton188
5Sydney Scully181
6Courtney Millington177
7Emily Hearn170
8Bella Ryder135
9Rosie Wilson120
10Gracie Loveridge117
11Lilla Blyth97
12Holly Nichells85
13Daisy Fowler85


1Hamish McArthur297
2Sam Butterworth292
3Kieran Forrest288
4Ben Preston285
5Jack MacDougal281
6Joseph Xiberras280
7Tommy Matthews279
8William Buck277
9Jamie Jenkins270
10Gus Turner269
11Elias Bionold262
12Douglas Spencer258
13Dean Bradley237
14Jason Pickles230
15Nick Wright228
16Tom Lea227
17Dylan Hill225
18Matt Owens215
19Mark Falkingham214
20James Thompson214
21Edward Yeung205
22Mungo Leveroni205
23Max Josse200
24George Atherton199
25Anthony Ainge193
26Ben Chappell188
27Lucas Walker187
28Thomas Sherwood187
29Andy Cummingham182
30Peter Whitmarsh175
31Daniel Burton173
32Alfie Wyman171
33David Walmsley168
34Rowan Minklwy167
35Chris Morrow167
36Alex Noakes157
37Vivien Badaut157
38Lee Evans157
39Ben Mills Perkins156
40Ben Morrell155
41Joel Moore154
42James Brammer152
43Oliver Barry150
44Rich Parker150
45Martin Groom150
46Lee Graham-Merrett147
47Alex Shaw145
48Joshua May145
49Will Grove140
50Stephen Daprato Shepard137
51Richard Parkin137
52Oliver Preston132
53Bilal Al Khanchi131
54Oliver Foggin130
55Paul Smith130
56John McSorley128
57James Turnbull127
58William Barker127
59Lawrence Woodrow-Smith126
60Thomas Keighley125
61Paul Foster120
62Josh O’Boyce120
63Michael Stephens117
64David Hodgson117
65Jason Crowther114
66Benjamin Crawford110
67Craig Poku102
68Alex Nichells100
69Robert Wood90
70Matthew Duncan80
71Paul Duncan80


1Holly Toothill270
2Emily Phillips267
3Emma Edwards258
4Eugenie Lee257
5Hannah Slaney251
6Thea Cameron244
7Fae MacDougal242
8Flo Brailsford238
9Zoe Peetermans238
10Tilly Vasic229
11Holly Rayfield214
12Grace Trenchard191
13Robyn Eldekvist179
14Grace Culling178
15Holly Murray174
16Deanna Sharma165
17Chloe Bewley141
18Arlie Haslam135
19Nasy Hussain122
20Emma Binnersley104
21Aimee Greenwood87
22Stacey Crossley80
23Laura Scales80
24Natalie Stephenson-Quayle80
25Kiah York80
26Caroline Dinning70
27Amy Lindsay70
28Anita Assersen Saestad67