Bouldering Essentials Course

4 Week Course | Weekends

Saturday or Sunday | 14:30 – 15:30
Price: £80
Dates: Courses begin from the first weekend of every month and run on a Saturday OR Sunday at 14:30

We believe good technique is the key to being a proficient climber, so we have developed this 4-week course to ensure you will progress as a climber from the get-go.

Let our experienced instructors set you off on your climbing journey with a bank of valuable skills, techniques, knowledge and routines which will leave you with confidence in your own ability.

The course will covers key aspects of climbing such as:

  • Safety and wall etiquette
  • Warming up and warming down
  • Basic movement on the wall
  • How to use your feet well
  • Movement on different terrain
  • Use of different holds
  • Importance of resting
  • Route reading
  • Building your technique toolbox
  • Replacing unease with confidence

If you have any enquires regarding this course, please contact:
[email protected]

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