Bloc Stars 2023

This event has now ended, check back soon for details on Bloc Stars 2024

Highlights from Bloc Stars 2023

What a day, folks! On August 12th, 2023, we hosted Bloc Stars 2023 – an event that ditched the rulebook to give us a day jam-packed with fun and friendly competition. Our community showed up in full force, bringing amazing vibes and sharing the day with us. Seriously, you all made it epic, and we hope you had a blast too. Incase you want a reminder here are some of the highlights. 

Level Playing Field Quallies

We switched things up again this year, introducing a format that ensured everyone had a shot at a decent chance of making it to the finals. Fairness and fun were the name of the game, with each person allowed only 15 attempts to score the highest points possible from 35 blocs. Little did you know that we had cheekily preselected certain scores that would propel you into one of four groups for the finals. The five individuals closest to our preselected scores made it through.

Final Round

The final round was a real game-changer. Unlike standard comps, we cranked up the finalist count, giving more climbers their time to shine. The finals turned into a climber’s showdown like no other – a proper blast of talent and excitement.

But here’s the kicker – all the finalists got to tackle the same blocs, but depending on which group you were in, you were allowed extra handholds. Essentially, everyone was on the same climb, but some had a few bonus grips. It was a level playing field where everyone could have a shot at getting on the podium. The energy was fantastic as the crowd’s excitement grew and grew.

Battle for the Crown

Imagine this: 20 climbers going all in – every grip, every bead of sweat, and a touch of chalk-covered resolve. The air was charged, and the sheer determination was palpable. With tension in the air, the million-dollar question loomed: Who would clinch the coveted title of the Bloc Stars Champion? Let me tell you, it was a proper nail-biter, and we had no idea until Katherine, our official adjudicator, totted up the scores.

The Bloc Cheerleaders

Didn’t make it to the final round? No sweat! We had a job for you – being a bloc cheerleader. These unsung heroes rocked the sidelines with cheers and camaraderie, adding to the whole vibe.

The Champs

Give it up for our category winners: Nat Stephenson Quayle, Tilly Ogden, Chris Morrow, and Will Danks Tatham. You lot were pure legends. And to Nat and Will, the overall champs who managed to climb all the final blocs without falling off – you totally smashed it.

Big Shoutout to Our Partners

A massive thanks goes out to House of Loft for setting the mood with tunes, Tenzing for keeping us refreshed, and a huge shoutout to Relicko and Montane for chipping in with prizes. And let’s not forget a special shoutout to Eve and Tony for stepping in at the last minute to document the day. Follow the link below to check out some of their pics! Your support made it all the more epic.

Here’s to the memories and the good times. Until next year.

CB x

Tom Jenkinson471
James Ainge471
Will Danks-Tatham471
Luke Hobbs457
Lucas Waker457
Harry Simpson455
Dan Hobbs443
Nick Wright438
Jack Bundred438
Oliver Barry435
Holly Murray420
Lewis Swain419
Jake Tyndall418
Kevin Norbury410
Anthony Ainge393
Joshua Moore379
Henry Green379
Thomas Irish373
Ben Hudson372
Harry Redechi367
Richard Tatham362
Jay Clarke359
Samuel Brooks355
Will Goldsworthy352
Emma Kennard350
Liam Senior346
Christopher Morrow343
Lee Evans334
Henry Watson333
Tom Suttill333
Max Carter329
Dave Clark328
Jacob Ashe323
Ryan Hutson319
Andrew Tutin299
Thomas St Clair299
Thomas Tweedie 298
Alistair Daffy294
Dominik Szafarczyk293
Michael Ainge291
Charlottte Strugnel288
Will Duncan287
Baz Zakeri277
William Cambridge Hartley268
Nick Livingstone267
Luka Small251
Cameron Rhodes242
Reo Ogusu228
Fraser Holmes228
George Cheetham226
Spencer Newton225
Carly Green223
Seb Phillips211
Matthew Duncan210
Becky Stephenson210
Scott Pearce205
Jez Pale203
Oswyn Hodgson202
Stacey Crossley201
Ali Watson 186
Jack Hobson185
David Boulton176
Jacob Inwood174
Joshua Inwood169
Mayowa Adeyemi168
John Wilson155
Henry Smith142
Rae Hughes134
Emma Higgs132
Jacob Horsfield128
Tilly Ogden127
Scott Duncan122
Peter Bradford119
Saile Villegas114
Josh Crosse107
Anthony Whyatt106
Charlotte Gupta-Smyth106
Rachael Gupta-Smyth94
Charlie St Claire 92
C Covella90
Natalie Stephenson – Quayle90
Elizabeth Killick83
Harry Gent80
Andy Seddon80
Henry Green80
Emily Wilde76
Georgia Clark74
Zigmond Sima62
Matt Andrews47
Jen Sharman11
Martin Lewis8

Event Details

We’re back again with our 2nd edition of Bloc Stars. We’ve ironed out the creases from our debut event last year and have a whole new & improved plan in store. Read on to learn more.

Please note:

Passholders don’t need to pay for a ticket but please still register for your free ticket below.


12 August 2023
Free Entry for Passholders
£10.00 for Non-Passholders

Get ready for an epic day of climbing and friendly competition at Bloc Stars 2023! Our inclusive climbing competition with indoor festival vibes is open to climbers of all abilities. We’ve revamped the format to create a playful and fun atmosphere where every climber has a chance to showcase their skills and aim for the podium.

Join us on Saturday, 12th August, for a day filled with exhilarating challenges, pumping tunes, and a range of climbing grades from V0 to V8. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out, there’s something for everyone.

Entry tickets are only £10 per person, making it accessible to all. And here’s an extra perk: City Bloc Monthly and Annual Passholders get free entry on the day!

So mark your calendars and get ready to experience the thrill of Bloc Stars. It’s going to be an unforgettable event celebrating the spirit of climbing. See you there!


CHECK-IN – 12:00

Just a quick heads-up: we kindly ask that you don’t arrive before the start time. We’ll have the climbing centre open in the morning, but we’ll be busy running kids sessions and getting everything set up for the event. Gotta make sure everything’s in top shape to give you an unforgettable experience. So, we’d greatly appreciate it if you could hold off on arriving until the check-in time.

To beat the queues, make sure everyone has completed the City Bloc registration form before the event. We’ve just transitioned to new gym software, so all attendees need to re-register using these links. For those under 18, an attending adult completes the form and adds <18s. Supervising adults must stick around (unless the <18s are junior assessed). Ratio: 1 adult to 2 under 18s.



Get ready for the exciting part of the competition! In the qualifiers, we’ve set up a circuit of 35 problems and 5 fun challenges for you to tackle. Here’s the twist: you’ll have 15 attempts to score as many points as possible. Each problem is numbered from 1 to 35, with the difficulty increasing as you go up the numbers.

The key is to strategize and choose wisely where you use your attempts. Let’s say you start with problem #16 and crush it on your first try. Boom! You’ve just earned 16 points and have 14 attempts left. If it felt like a piece of cake, maybe you push yourself and try problem #17 for 17 points. Keep climbing and accumulating points until you hit your limit. Alternatively, if a problem feels challenging, work your way down and grab points from easier ones like #16, #15, #14, and so on. Remember, you have 15 attempts in total.

Now, let’s talk about the challenges. You can take as many attempts as you want on these, and each completed challenge earns you a whopping 10 points!

We’ve made some exciting changes this year to ensure a level playing field in the final round. But shhh, it’s a secret for now. You’ll have to come down and experience it firsthand to find out!

Make sense? Okay, finals…


FINAL – 17:30

Get ready for the ultimate showdown as a group of qualifying individuals battle it out in the Comp Room! Our redesigned format ensures a level playing field, creating a fair and thrilling competition. Expect new surprises and excitement in this year’s final round. While not everyone will advance, we’ve significantly expanded the number of finalists compared to a standard climbing competition. Brace yourself for an intense battle as each climber gives their all to claim the coveted title of Bloc Stars. And if you don’t make it through, you’ll have the honor of being a faithful bloc cheerleader, supporting your fellow climbers.

This event has ended

12 August 2023
Free entry for Passholders
£10.00 Non-Passholders


Any participants under the age of 18 must have an accompanying adult with them unless they have been junior assessed. Please note there will not be any problems set specifically for children however the scoring system should allow for equal opportunity to reach the finals.


Bloc Stars is a fun and enjoyable event, carefully designed to provide participants with a fair and balanced competition. While there will be prizes generously provided by Montane, we all know that the true reward lies in the pride and honor of winning a coveted Bloc Stars medal. It’s a chance to showcase your skills, push your limits, and be recognized as a true Bloc Star.


At this year’s event subsided food will be available with options that cater to different dietary needs, so whether you’re a meat lover or vegan, we’ve got you covered.


Join us by booking your ticket, and on the day of the event, grab your score sheet and get ready for a memorable experience. Although we have planned for the event to end at 20:00, please note that as this is a new format, there is a possibility of it running over the scheduled time.

Our competition is designed to be laid-back and casual, with a strong emphasis on friendly competition and inclusivity. We don’t have age or gender categories, allowing everyone to participate side by side. The main focus is on climbing, having an amazing time, and fostering a strong sense of community.

Prepare for a day filled with fantastic music, laughter, and a relaxed atmosphere where climbers of all backgrounds can come together and enjoy the thrill of climbing. So come on down, bring your enthusiasm, and let’s make this a fun-filled event to remember.