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Building Blocs | Technique Improver Classes

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Master techniques, learn to prevent injury, make friends

Join us for our Building Blocs sessions where we explore different climbing themes each week with experienced instructors. Conquer challenges, learn techniques, and connect with fellow climbers. Choose sessions tailored to your ability – we have options for climbers in the Red, Blue, and Grey grades, as well as a more advanced session for Orange and Yellow climbers. Check out the booking links below.

Building Blocs | Foundational Level | Red, Blue & Grey

Join our session tailored for climbers in the Red, Blue, and Grey grades. Led by friendly instructors, we focus on mastering foundational techniques and conquering tricky moves in a supportive environment. Each week introduces a new theme, whether you’re a beginner or honing your skills, these sessions cater perfectly to those who climb within the Font 4 (V0) to 6A+ (V4-V5) grades. Free to Monthly DD and Annual passholders.

Explore a new focus in each class. Click here to explore.

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Building Blocs | Advanced Level | Orange & Yellow

Our advanced Building Blocs session is perfect for those tackling Orange and Yellow climbs. Our experienced instructors will guide you through advanced techniques, conquer tough moves, and push your limits in a fun and supportive atmosphere. Connect with fellow climbers and up your skills while you’re at it. These sessions cater to those who climb within the Font 6a+ (V4-V5) to 6c+ (V5-V7) grades. Free to Monthly DD and Annual passholders.

Explore a new focus in each class. Click here to explore.

I found the session really useful, and have found myself paying a lot more attention to foot and body position in my climbs since, and as a result I’ve managed a few more oranges which I’d been struggling with. I really enjoyed the session!


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I take a Building Blocs class on my first visit to City Bloc?

We would recommend you book into a Get to Grips Induction if its your first time climbing. Building Blocs sessions more suitable for climbers who have already started their climbing journey, are familiar with our walls and our style of setting and want to progress their grade.

Which class should I sign up for?

If you’re sitting between two grades that split between our sessions, we’d recommend joining the lower grade class, this will give you more opportunities to assess and your core climbing skills which you can build on in the session.

Do I need pay for a climbing session as well as this class?

No, this class includes entry and if you are an Annual or Monthly Passholder the session is free.

 I enjoyed the Building Blocs session great deal. I found it very fun, useful and very satisfying when improvement was achieved. I thought the vibe of the session was very relaxed and good spirited. I appreciated the input from other climbers and the different techniques they demonstrated as well.


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