Parkour Pro’s Vs Rock Climbing Challenge at City Bloc

In November, Team Phat, the Parkour Athletes, descended upon City Bloc to film a collaboration with elite climber Max Milne. Chief setter Ben was entrusted with the task of creating a problem that would cater to the skill levels of both an elite climber and the fearless Team Phat, which would showcase the versatility of both disciplines. He decided to focus on big handholds and rule out finger strength which would put the emphasis on dynamic movements and agility rather than just raw strength. The fact that both Max and Team Phat were able to complete the bloc after some effort highlights their adaptability and skill in navigating unfamiliar terrains.

Collaborations like these not only push the boundaries of individual sports but also demonstrate the shared elements between seemingly disparate activities. Kudos to Team Phat for taking on the challenge, and it’s great to see such positive collaboration between the two sports.

What’s really interesting is that both an elite level climber and parkour athletes can share the same challenge. How cool is that? Thanks a lot to Team Phat for coming down and making the awesome YouTube video, we fully recommend watching the full thing.

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