Climbing with Kids

City Bloc loves to play a role in developing awesome skills in young people. Climbing isn’t just about getting up a wall, it can benefit so many other aspects of life, from improved motor skills, forward thinking and planning skills.

Why your kids should try climbing

Climbing is so much more than getting to the top of a wall. So whether your child is hoping to become an athlete or you want to encourage them to learn something new and build confidence climbing is an excellent activity to invest their time in.

  • Physically climbing is an excellent all round workout. There are the improvements in motor skills; coordination, building strength and flexibility but also getting fluent in movement language and turning instruction into more complicated movement patterns.
  • Mentally climbing improves problem solving skills; we learn to self set goals and targets; we learn to challenge comfort zones which builds self confidence; it improves our autonomy and freedom and our ability to perceive risk and safety.
  • It creates a platform for connectedness with peers, through a supportive environment which is different to team sports.
  • Climbing can offer an immersive ‘lifestyle sport’ which has positive impacts on life outside of the activity itself. For example encouraging people to love and care for the beautiful outdoor environments where climbing can be done.

Why City Bloc is the best place to start climbing

City Bloc is passionate about being a great place to support children in climbing and the associated physical and mental skills, and to nurture young talent for the future.

We put lots of time and effort into being a leader in climbing expertise, with constant development of our training facilities, approaches to teaching and our team itself.

  1. Our coaches are not only excellent climbers, and skilled teachers, but are experienced in other areas such as sports psychology, and are passionate about youth development. Our City Bloc ‘recipe’ for teaching children to climb has developed over our 15 years of operation and has seen a number of young climbers become leaders in the UK.
  2. City Bloc is all about kindness, community and support, and we ensure that these qualities are taught and developed through all our classes and courses.
  3. Our facilities and expertise in competition climbing means we can be truly inclusive of all needs and levels of climber; offering the right degree of challenge or support for your child to love climbing.
  4. City Bloc is the home of the Precision climbing coaches who train some of the best climbers the UK has to offer. This collaboration ensures that the Bloc is constantly up to date and relevant for climbers from entry level to the best athletes in the country and is a great opportunity for young emerging talent.

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