Rock “Outside In” Class


Advanced Climbing Techniques: Explore skills beyond raw strength with expert guidance. Master techniques for conquering various hold types using balance and strategy.

Hidden Holds and Route Navigation: Discover and navigate routes demanding more than sheer strength. Uncover hidden holds to diversify your climbing skills.

Safety and Confidence: Learn spotting fundamentals for enhanced safety. Gain confidence with proper mat placement during climbs.

Guidebook Mastery: Effectively use climbing guidebooks to unlock valuable information. Access a treasure trove of insights relied upon by outdoor climbers.

Outdoor-like Challenges: Mimic the unpredictability of outdoor climbing challenges. Enhance adaptability by overcoming diverse and unexpected route elements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I take a Rock “Outside In” class on my first visit to City Bloc?

We would recommend you book into a Get to Grips Induction if it’s your first time climbing. Rock “Outside In” Classes more suitable for climbers who have already started their climbing journey, are familiar with our walls and our style of setting and want to develop skills for outdoor climbing.

Do I need pay for a climbing session as well as this class?

No, this class includes entry and if you are an Annual or Monthly Passholder the session is free.

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