Rock “Outside In” Class

Indoor Climbing, Outdoor Skills

Transition from Indoor to Outdoor Climbing

Bridge the gap between indoor and outdoor climbing with our “Rock Outside In” class. This 90-minute session, held every 4 weeks, immerses you in real rock climbing techniques within the controlled environment of our indoor climbing facility. Explore skills beyond raw strength with expert guidance, mastering techniques for various hold types, discovering hidden holds, and navigating complex routes. Learn spotting fundamentals, gain confidence with proper mat placement, and effectively use climbing guidebooks. Mimic outdoor challenges to enhance adaptability and overcome diverse route elements.

Class Description
Every 4th Thursday

There are three sessions, each equipping you with different skills. We recommend you attend at least one, but ideally all three, to be fully prepared for an outdoor session on proper rock.

What Will Be Covered

Outside in 1

  • Importance of good footwork
  • Intro to spotting/mat placement
  • Creative thinking
  • Using indoors to prep for the outdoors

Outside In 2

  • Friction reliance
  • Using small hidden feet
  • Mantles vs climbing down
  • Guidebook reading

Outside In 3

  • Conditions
  • Cracks and abstract climbing
  • How to best enjoy the rock
  • Love and care for the rock

Free for monthly & annual pass holders

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I take a Rock “Outside In” class on my first visit to City Bloc?

We would recommend you book into a Get to Grips Induction if it’s your first time climbing. Rock “Outside In” Classes more suitable for climbers who have already started their climbing journey, are familiar with our walls and our style of setting and want to develop skills for outdoor climbing.

Do I need pay for a climbing session as well as this class?

No, this class includes entry and if you are an Annual or Monthly Passholder the session is free.

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