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Precision Climbing Team X City Bloc

City Bloc isn’t just a climbing wall and Precision doesn’t just coach athletes, both involve so much more than that, much of it happening behind the scenes. 

We share values; making climbing that’s challenging, up to date, dynamic and constantly pushing the boundaries of the sport; these make us a perfect pairing to collaborate using the strengths each brand provides to create an environment that strives to develop the centre and climbers to the highest level. 

A partnership that’s great for you too

This partnership means we work closely to equip the centre with the facilities and experiences needed to develop athletes using things like competition simulations, a training gym, rock hard problems (no pun intended) and setting that constantly stretches athletes skills. You too get to experience and be supported by this expertise. 

The Precision Team X City Bloc collaboration means that we are able to work in a way that enhances and compliments our shared value of exceptional climbing, and means you can be sure you’re climbing at a wall that never stands still. 

We proudly support the Precision Team in their mission to develop world class athletes.

About Precision Climbing

Precision Climbing Coaching have been supporting climbers to achieve their dreams since 2013. The coaching team consists of Mark Glennie and Ellie Howard who between them, have over 20 years of experience, supporting athletes to achieve more than they dare to dream. Becoming a member of the Precision Climbing Team is not the easy option. Our athletes are continually proving they are amongst the best in the world. They work hard for this privilege, as do they. This is the Precision ethos.


Holly Toothill

Hamish McCarthur

Aiden Dunne

Emily Phillips

Sam Butterworth

Maximillian Milne

Malcolm Haslam

Gwen Morgan

Zoe Peetermans

Eugenie Lee

Katherine Macdougall

Kieran Forrest

Finn Hayward

Jack Macdougall

Fred Williams

Fae Macdougall

Joe Xiberras

Sam Botherway

Oscar Phillips