Video title for fingerboard training

Fingerboard ‘Maximum Hang’ Workout

A fingerboard training session to try at home (or at our wall) to improve your skills and strength to climb.

This is part of our Get Bloc Strong series, with CityBloc owner and ex GB Climber Ben Meeks. 

Ben shows a “maximum hang” finger board session. This follows on nicely from Ayesha’s finger board warm up video. 

If you’re in need of a finger board to keep your strength up during Blocdown then look no further. These are handmade in Leeds by Beta Blox and are for sale here.

The session includes; Hang & Pull Ups on jugs Pocket Hang 20mm hang 15mm hang 10mm hang Positive Sloper Hang Bad Sloper Hang.

IMPORTANT: Disclaimer Health and Safety Information: To avoid serious injury, you must complete the Hangboard Warm Up Routine with Ayesha found here . This routine can easily overwork the body, so start with an absolute maximum of 2 sessions per week.

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