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Hang Board Warm Up

Want to improve your climbing at home? CityBloc team member Ayesha’s shows us her tried and trusted Hangboard warm up routine.

On especially cold days, or if you’re feeling a little stiff, feel free to do as many sets as you need of any of the following exercises. None of these should be uncomfortable or overly challenging, so listen to your body and use modifications as necessary.

The full workout is written below, so feel free to write it down and make adjustments as you need! Remember every body is different and if you’re new to hangboarding take it eeeeaasssyy!

Please use this warm up before our other finger and hang board workouts.

  1. Walkouts (1×10) – A gentle way to wake up your core and shoulders. If you prefer, a few sun salutations could also do the trick.
  2. Shoulder Dislocations (2×10) – Using a dowel, or even a stiff theraband, these dislocations are a great mobility exercise. As we’re just warming up, make sure to keep your hands as wide as you need to feel comfortable through the entire range of motion.
  3. Front Lat Pull Downs (2×15) – Keep your shoulder blades retracted and maintain a neutral spine. I like to pause at the bottom of each pull down and really squeeze my lats (latissimus dorsi.) They should start to feel a little pumped!
  4. Side Lat Pull Downs (2×15/side) – Take a video of yourself, or do these in front of a mirror to make sure you’re keeping shoulders away from your ears.
  5. Alternating Arm Brachiations (2×3/side) – An easier option for these brachiations would be to do them hanging from both arms. From there you can use a theraband for assistance while performing the alternating brachiations. Remember to keep your arms straight.
  6. Dumbbell Finger Rolls (2×15/side) – Start with a light weight and then build up slowly. You should feel pumped in your forearms by the end.
  7. Open Hand Hang (2x10s) – Your first hangs can be performed in an open hand drag, or half crimp position, and should be done on the biggest edge of your hangboard. If you don’t feel ready to fully weight your fingers, feel free to put your feet on a chair for assistance. Again, these should not feel challenging.
  8. Feet on Finger Rolls (2×25) – With your feet on a chair, perform these finger rolls through a full range of motion; from a drag position to a full crimp.
  9. More hangs – From here you can start to hang from progressively smaller edges. If you are doing a weighted hangboard workout, start low and build up gradually to your working weight.

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