Coaching and Training

For the things we have to learn before we can do them, we learn by doing them
– Aristotle

Aristotle was right, the way to improve is to get to the wall, but we know from experience that getting some coaching along the way will ensure that the practice you put in is the right practice, and cross training your strength off the wall will really advance your skills.

womens climbing coaching in leeds

Adult Coaching

We have bookable sessions for beginners and those who would like to push their skills to the next level.

One to One Coaching

Book a one to one with any of our expert team, including founder Ben Meeks.

To book email our sessions team.

Kids Coaching

Our popular kids and teens sessions are ideal for giving them the skills and confidence to climb from a young age.

Our Training Gym

Take a look at the equipment we have to help you improve your climbing strength and skills.

Yoga for Climbers

Freya, is a climber and yoga teacher. She has found that the flexibility and control gained from yoga can really support your skills in climbing, it is also good in avoiding injuries and giving you a different mental approach.

Useful Resources

We have some great resources including an Online Training Library and a growing blog with articles from our team and other climbers at City Bloc that might help you progress.

Training Videos

Expert Blog