Training Area

Our state of the art training area is split with half climbing related equipment for improving specific skills and half gym equipment to support general fitness.

Kilter Board

One of only three in the UK the Kilter Board is an adjustable angle 4 metre wide wall that tilts from 30 degrees overhang all the way to 70 degrees overhang. Each hold has an LED system that link to the Kilter Board app and can light up a desired route to the top. As each wall is exactly the same all around the world, so you can test yourself on exactly the same climbs as someone in America or Japan. The database is currently at 22,000 climbs but is growing everyday.

Finger Board Station

The climbing side has a 5 meter wide fingerboard station with numerous different types of grips to hang from. These vary from 6mm deep matchstick edges,to multiple different finger boards to big slopey half balls.

Campus Board

Our 3 meter wide campus board has various different rungs including extra large sloper rungs.

Overhanging Mirror Board

Our 45 degree overhanging wooden mirror board. This is great for steep climbing on all different hold types and also for training both sides of your body.
The board is linked to the Stokt app so all problems are stored on the app database.

The Gym

The gym half has the type of equipment you would expect to see at any modern gym. Including two half racks for bench pressing or squatting with olympic bars and half a tonne of weights, a cable machine, lat pull down, dip station, hamstring curl machine, a free weights area with dumbbells and kettlebells, plyo jump boxes and a rower.

There is a rig area for pull ups which doubles up as a station for gymnastic rings and TRX training.