Supervised Climbing

Children of all ages are welcome at City Bloc with an adult supervisor aged 18+ ideally with some prior experience of climbing. We recommend bouldering as an activity that is more suitable for children age 6+.

When supervising children, you just pay the entrance price for all participants who are climbing. Whilst not essential, we do recommend hiring climbing shoes as it will significantly improve performance.

Recommended Adult to Child Ratios

Kids aged 4 – 6 are welcome to climb under your supervision, one adult can supervise one child.

Kids aged 7 – 13 are welcome to climb under your supervision, one adult can supervise two children. 

Teens aged 14 -17 can climb unsupervised but an adult must accompany them on their first visit and and City Bloc staff will need to do a junior assessment for teens to climb unsupervised in future visits.

Kids under the age of 4 can climb but they may find it challenging due to the distance between the climbing holds, under 4s must be supervised at all times, one adult can supervise one child. We recommend that you supervise only (don’t climb yourself) to ensure your little ones safety. Be aware if you’re bringing along another child under 4 who isn’t climbing you’ll need to bring two adults.

Whether you’re climbing with your kids or you just want to supervise, you will need watch our safety induction video to learn how to keep everyone safe, and complete our registration form prior to arriving at the centre.

Already a Competent Climber?

If you have climbed at an indoor climbing gym before and this is just your first time coming to City Bloc, please simply complete our Adult Registration Form here for yourself and our Under 18 Registration Form here for each under 18 you will be supervising. Please ensure you have the correct number of adults attending based on the ratios above.

New to Climbing?

We require all new climbers to go through the induction process, to ensure you have a clear understanding of how indoor bouldering works and how to use the centre safely. You will watch our induction video and then be asked some questions. At the end you will complete our registration form and then you are ready to climb.

Shoe Hire: £3.50

Adult Entry: £10.00

Under 18 Entry: £8.00

We do not charge for supervisors providing that you are not climbing.