New to Climbing

It’s great to see you’re considering giving climbing a go.

Climbing is a wonderful sport, so we encourage everyone to come and see why millions of people around the world are pulling and pushing themselves up walls.

If you have climbed at an indoor climbing gym before and this is just your first time coming to City Bloc, please simply complete our Adult Registration Form here and come on down for a climb.

Newbies, getting started is straight-forward…

1. Do your Online Climbing Induction

We require all new climbers to go through the induction process, to ensure you have a clear understanding of how indoor bouldering works and how to use the centre safely. You will watch our induction video and then be asked some questions. At the end you will complete our registration form and then you are ready to come on down for a climb.

2. Book a ‘Get to Grips’ Induction

Are you completely new to climbing? The best way to get started and really enjoy your journey is to learn the basics first, you will progress much faster and feel more confident.

We particularly recommend our ‘Get to Grips’ Induction. We will help you start your journey with confidence.

3. Get FREE support every Monday from 6pm.

This fun and relaxed drop in session is for anybody looking to receive valuable skills and tips which will help you progress as a beginner to an intermediate climber.

The session is free, you just need to pay for your climb.

With who?

The legend that is Malcolm Haslam – one of our coaches and a gentleman with decades of experience and wisdom and who beholds endless advice and a positive outlook on climbing and life in general.

Hadn’t done any climbing before but the guy was very friendly and helped us getting started and showed us what to do. There was lots of routes to do, we didn’t even get through all the beginner ones! Would definitely recommend.

James R.

Useful Resources for a Beginner Climber

Starting something new is scary, so we want to do everything we can to put you at ease with our useful post which pulls together all the best information about beginning bouldering and climbing. We hope you find it useful.

You might also want to check out our Frequently Asked Questions page as lots of typical questions are answered there.