Building Blocs Intermediate Session Focus

Intermediate Orange & Yellow Class

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Suitable for climbers at the: Orange and Yellow Grades. Navigating the demanding Orange and Yellow grades requires a nuanced approach to climbing techniques. Whether you’re perfecting lock-offs or mastering dynamic dynos, diversifying your training across movement types can be the key to conquering challenging routes. By embracing versatility, you’ll overcome obstacles that stump you and boost your odds of reaching the top.

This class is perfect for climbers taking on the challenges of the Orange and Yellow grades. In this session, you’ll delve deep into the details of weight transfer and fluid movement, fine-tuning your climbing technique. With the guidance of our experienced instructor, you’ll polish your skills, paying particular attention to the crucial aspects of hip placement and precise weight distribution. With a keen focus on executing precise footwork and strategic body positioning, you’ll tackle a diverse array of challenging routes carefully selected to test your abilities and refine your technique. Each climb offers an opportunity to push your limits and enhance your skills, all within a supportive and encouraging environment.

This advanced Endurance and Technique class is tailored for climbers at the Orange and Yellow grades, aimed at refining your climbing technique while boosting endurance on the wall. During this session, you’ll delve into advanced techniques for conserving energy and enhancing endurance, guided by our expert instructor. You’ll learn precise footwork, optimal body positioning, and efficient movement strategies to conquer more challenging routes with confidence.

Continuing from an earlier injury prevention class, this session is tailored for climbers advancing through the Orange and Yellow Grades, focusing on sustained performance and session optimisation. Explore more advanced warm-up routines and injury prevention techniques, strategies for maintaining consistency and setting ambitious yet attainable goals, ensuring each session yields optimal results.

In this session, we explore the nuanced art of advanced footwork techniques, honing your ability to navigate intricate climbs with precision. Under the expert guidance of your friendly instructor, you’ll uncover the versatility of footwork methods, mastering techniques like smearing, precise edging, and dynamic heel hooking. Learn to leverage every part of your foot effectively, enhancing your confidence on challenging routes.