Building Blocs Foundational Session Focus

Foundational Red, Blue & Grey Class

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Mastering climbing techniques is a journey tailored to your unique style, especially in the Red, Blue, and Grey grades. Whether it’s lock-offs or dynamic dynos, diversifying your training across movement types can be the key to conquering challenging routes. By embracing versatility, you’ll overcome obstacles that stump you and boost your odds of reaching the top.

This class is tailored for climbers at Reds, Blues, and Greys grades. In this session, you’ll delve into the intricacies of weight transfer and fluid movement to optimise your climbing performance. Your instructor will guide you through mastering fundamental techniques, emphasising the crucial role of hip placement and weight distribution. With a keen focus on precision footwork and strategic body positioning, you’ll navigate a variety of manageable routes designed to challenge and refine your skills and building confidence.

Join our class focusing on endurance and technique for climbers at the Red, Blue, and Grey grades. Learn efficient climbing techniques to conserve energy and improve endurance. Emphasis will be on footwork, body positioning, and efficient movement. Adequate rest and recovery will also be highlighted to prevent overtraining. Challenge yourself with a variety of routes targeting different muscle groups to enhance overall endurance.

Tailored for climbers at the Red, Blue, and Grey Grades, this session focuses on maintaining consistency and optimising climbing sessions. Learn effective warm-up routines and injury prevention practices. Discover strategies for setting achievable goals and developing sustainable training schedules.

This class is tailored for climbers at the Red, Blue, and Grey grades, where we delve into the art of advanced footwork. In this session, we’ll explore the versatility of footwork techniques. Learn to utilise every part of your foot effectively to navigate challenging routes with finesse and precision. Our experienced instructor will guide you through mastering advanced footwork skills, allowing you to confidently tackle a variety of climbs. Whether it’s smearing, edging, or heel hooking, you’ll learn how to adapt your footwork to different surfaces and situations.