Old School Gritstone Era: The ‘Quest’ Video Featuring City Bloc’s Ben back in the day

Ever wondered what Ben looked like rocking a lush mane back in the day? Wonder no more, we’ve got a real treat for you with this old school gem, a delightful bouldering video straight from the early 00s Yorkshire climbing scene.

Prepare for a proper climbing throwback as you watch Ben in his gritstone glory days. This old school video introduces you to the grit climbing legends of that era, featuring none other than Ben, Andy Earl, and the legendary Gaz Parry (alongside others) ticking off iconic climbs and giving you a taste of the down to earth vibe of Yorkshire’s climbing scene.

Now, by today’s standards, “The Quest” might not showcase the absolute toughest blocs Yorkshire has to offer, but it certainly flaunts a lot of the finest ones in the area. It’s essentially a roll call of Yorkshire classics, giving you the beta on all the rites of passage for each crag. Just to name drop a few, there’s Heaven In Your Hands, Zoo York, Sweet Dreams, Terry, and Jason’s Roof. So, grab a brew, kick back, and enjoy these Yorkshire bouldering classics.

Big shoutout to Dave Sutcliffe for putting this on Vimeo. Just a heads up, you’ll need a login, or better yet, download it because it’s an unrated film – raw and unfiltered.


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