How to use the SmartBoard at City Bloc

Welcome to the SmartBoard, now in its new home in the comp wall, right near the spiral staircase. This piece of kit is a game-changer, as the SmartBoard comes equipped with strength sensors, allowing you to assess and monitor your training efforts. Whether you’re just starting out or working the black circuit, SmartBoard exercises are personalised to match each user’s individual proficiency. This tailored approach is made possible by three diagnostic tests, and the immediate feedback on performance not only significantly boosts your motivation but also helps measure progress. The unique feature of being able to use your feet while still testing makes the SmartBoard accessible for climbers of all levels.

To help you dive into the world of SmartBoard training, here are a couple of videos to get you started on exploring its capabilities and maximising your training experience. You can find a load more videos on the SmartBoard YouTube channel


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