Guidelines for External Coaches Bringing Climbing Groups to Bloc Party

We warmly welcome external coaches who intend to bring climbing groups to City Bloc. Safety and adherence to industry standards are our top priorities. Here are the guidelines and requirements for external coaches:

Qualifications and Validation:

Proof of Qualifications: External coaches are required to demonstrate that they hold relevant climbing qualifications and certifications. These qualifications should align with the guidelines of the BMC (British Mountaineering Council) or other relevant climbing organisations.

Insurance and Safety:

Insurance: External coaches are required to possess public liability insurance that covers their coaching activities. This insurance safeguards both the coach and the facility in case of accidents or incidents during the sessions they supervise.

First Aid Certification: Coaches must provide proof of current first aid certification. Possessing basic first aid skills is crucial for handling injuries or emergencies that may occur during coached or group climbing sessions.

DBS Checks: To ensure the safety of children and vulnerable adults at City Bloc, coaches working with these groups must provide evidence of a DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) enhanced check.

Waivers and Permissions:

Our software allows us to set up a waiver management system, enabling coaches to collect waivers or consent forms from participants or their parents or guardians, especially if participants are minors. Please contact us in advance to make the necessary arrangements.

Induction and Confirmation:

Centre Induction: Coaches may need to complete a centre induction at City Bloc to familiarise themselves with the facility’s rules and safety procedures.

Group Booking Confirmation: Coaches should inform us in advance of their intention to bring a group to our venue. This allows sufficient time for checks, setting up a group waiver, and arranging a coaches’ induction if required.

Group Supervision:

Coaches/group leaders are entitled to oversee groups of a maximum of 8 climbers per coach during the event. External Instructors must sign themselves and their group in at the start of the event. Entry fees are waived for external coaches while supervising their group.

Code of Conduct:

External coaches are responsible for the behaviour of their group during the event. We expect all participants to adhere to our event rules and regulations, prioritising safety and sportsmanship. External Instructors should only engage in personal climbing when it is integral to the lesson. Personal climbing while teaching a group is considered dangerous and unsafe practice. 

External Instructors must act safely and responsibly. Unsafe behaviour may result in removal from the event at the discretion of our organisers.

We appreciate your commitment to safety and cooperation with these guidelines when bringing climbing groups to City Bloc. If you have any questions or need further assistance, please feel free to contact us at [email protected]