Climbing In Yorkshire

Yorkshire is world famous for bouldering. The rock type is gritstone which is unique to just this area and can’t be found anywhere else in the world. Thanks to the legends and worlds best climbers back in the 90’s Ben Moon and Jerry Moffat who showcased to the whole world just how good gritstone is and established world class test pieces such as Ben Moons “Brad Pitt” and Jerry Moffats “The Joker”. This put Yorkshire on the map and has been a popular bouldering destination ever since.

If you’re here looking for our advice on where to go in Yorkshire for a good outdoor climb…

Places to climb in Yorkshire

for experienced climbers 

The hidden gem of Yorkshire for experienced climbing has got to be Earl Crag. The rock type is very hard, almost granite style, and creates a different style of climbing to other venues. Generally the grades are quite difficult and the climbs are reasonably high, definitely not an area for beginners.

… for beginners

The best places for those new to outdoor climbing are mainly based around Leeds. You have Caley and Almscliff just near Otley (north Leeds) which are very friendly. They are easily accessible from the parking and the climbing is clearly laid out. Especially Almscliff which is almost laid out like an indoor climbing wall.

If you’ve never climbed outside, but are ready to take your skills from the City Bloc walls to the great outdoors, read on for the City Bloc teams advice!

How to start climbing outdoors

What to wear to climb outside: 

Climbing outside is simple, all you need is climbing shoes, a bouldering mat and chalk. We recommend

How to prepare for your first outdoor climb:

To save yourself time for your first outdoors climb it’s best to do as much research as possible. Once you’ve decided on which crag you’re going to, you need to research where to park and which climbs you’re going to try. A guidebook is  good for this as many have photographs and maps of the crag and its climbs so you can see exactly where to go without getting lost. Websites such as 27crags or UKClimbing are also good resources to use if you don’t have a guide book.

Be aware of the Outdoor Climbing Code:

To help protect the great outdoors for everyone.

  • No chipping
  • No wire brushing – use a nylon brush if cleaning holds
  • Use bouldering pads to reduce ground erosion and vegetation damage
  • Clean and dry your footwear to reduce rock damage
  • Don’t use resin(pof)
  • Minimise chalk use – brush away any excessive build up
  • Dry wet holds with a towel or wait until a windy day – no blowtorching please
  • Remove carpet patches or towels – they kill off vegetation and create a mess
  • Take a lllitter home and follow the Countryside Code
  • Leave  vegetation in place – no gardening please 

For even more information on climbing outdoors in the UK, download the BMC Booklet.