City Bloc Social Distance Guidelines

We are reopening on Saturday 25th July. 

These guidelines should cover everything you need to know about visiting City Bloc safely.

Controlling Capacity

We have introduced a booking system to manage capacity and ensure you have a guaranteed time to access the centre. The centre has more than doubled in size so there will be plenty of slots available throughout the day. We anticipate that peak times will be in higher demand so you might want to consider climbing at other times of the day, please note that as of the 25th July 2020 we will be opening from 10am seven days a week.

Booking system

A reservation is required to climb at City Bloc. 

When booking you will be asked to choose a time slot. Each reservation allows you to climb for a 2-hour session. You must have checked in, warmed up, climbed and left the gym within these 2 hours. Initially customers may not make two bookings on the same day to allow everyone the opportunity to access the centre. Time slots are open every half hour to 15 people maximum to reduce queues and numbers in the centre.

How to book

Bookings must be made online and must be paid in advance. You can pay with bank card or PayPal. Pass holders and concessionary entries please select ‘opt out of payment’ option and speak to the reception staff upon entry. If you are not a pass holder or concessionary entry it is imperative that you pay online. This will make entry through reception more efficient for everybody in your block and also limit staff/customer risk to exposure.

Please arrive 5 minutes early for your booking to pay, if necessary, and to check in. You will be required to adhere to your pre-booked time slot.

Ensure that you have completed all applicable waiver forms BEFORE booking. This will not only allow you to take full advantage of your booked climbing time, but will also reduce instances of contamination by use of tablets and shared items.

If you are making a payment upon arrival please note that we will only be accepting card payments.

Please exit the facility swiftly after your climbing slot to help us adhere to capacity restrictions as new climbers enter the facility.

New Measures

A number of measures have been put in place to ensure a safer environment to climb in.

Hygiene Requirements

Hand Washing
Visitors must sanitise their hands when entering the centre, and should wash or sanitise their hands frequently during their visit at provided stations.

Liquid Chalk
Loose chalk and chalk balls are currently banned and the use of liquid chalk with a minimum 70% alcohol content is recommended. This will keep our air fresh, and can contribute to sanitising your hands. Liquid chalk is available for purchase at reception. Loose chalk will no longer be sold for use in the centre and communal chalk bags are no longer available. 

Masks and Shoes
You must remove climbing shoes and change into your street shoes or indoor shoes when using the toilet facility or communal spaces. Appropriate shoes must be worn in the training gym.

You are not required to wear a face mask when you are in the facility, however it is strongly encouraged, especially in more enclosed areas of the centre such as the reception area. toilets and the corridors.

Service Changes

Cashless Transactions
All purchases must be made online or using contactless payments. 

Checking Out
All visitors will be required to check out at the end of their session. This enables us to monitor the numbers in the building and accurate contact tracing in the event of a confirmed infection in the facility.

Changing rooms, storage and shower
Changing rooms, storage cubbies and showers will be available however we encourage you to bring minimum belongings and arrive in you climbing clothes ready to climb to avoid overuse of these areas.

Training Equipment
New rules regarding the use of the area and equipment: 

  • Our training areas will be limited to numbers. Be aware of number restriction signs.
  • The use of equipment will be limited to one person at a time. 
  • The maximum duration of use is limited to 30 minutes. If the area is not requested by another member, the user may continue training for another 30 minutes or until another member requests its use. 
  • Each user must disinfect the equipment used using the paper towel and disinfectant spray provided before and after use. 

Preventative Measures


Do not visit the facility if you or anyone in your household show/have any signs of Covid-19 (temperature, cough, difficulty breathing), if anyone is presenting with Covid-19 symptoms they will be asked to leave the centre. 

There is a 24-hour cancellation policy, however if you contact us before the time of your booking, we may be able to transfer your slot to a later date.

Social Distancing

A 2m social distance rule applies throughout the centre and it is down to the individual customer to take reasonable personal responsibility for social distancing when taking part in climbing. Staff will be on hand to enforce safety measures however City Bloc will not be held liable for inadvertent contact between customers, staff, or any accidental exposures. Gym patrons are using the facility at their own discretion.

Enhanced Cleaning
City Bloc staff will be conducting continuous cleaning to reduce infection risk around the facility.


Please respect 2m distancing guidelines at all times when you are in the facility. Spotting is only permitted by members of the same household. 

Queue management

Please maintain a safe distance when queueing.


We will keep the centre ventilated at all times by keeping doors open and using fans to increase airflow where needed. Make sure you bring a warm top to wear when you are not climbing.

What to bring

Here is a list of things to bring to your climbing session:

  1. Climbing equipment (climbing shoes and liquid chalk)
  2. Clothing – arrive dressed and ready to climb – the wearing of tops is mandatory
  3. Mask, indoor footwear for walking around
  4. A filled water bottle
  5. Bag to keep your belongings together in the open storage cubbies 



Can I cancel my reservation?
Yes. You can cancel a reservation up to 24 hours before the start of the booking.

Are there no-show fees?
We don’t charge an additional penalty, but no-shows or cancellations with less than 24 hours notice will be charged in full. 10 climb pass holders will have a punch deducted.

Can I reserve for my partner or housemate?
Yes. You can book for 2 people at a time. Both climbers must be previous visitors to City Bloc. You are responsible for your partners reservation. If they need a Single-Entry Pass, you will have to pay for it at the time of reservation.

Can I be late?
Yes, you can arrive late to your reservation, but you must respect the end time of your time slot and you will not have a time extension. You arrive up to 30 minutes before the end of your reservation, after which time we consider you not to have shown up.

Can I arrive without a reservation?
No. You won’t be able to enter the facility without a reservation. However, you can make a reservation when you arrive online. We cannot guarantee that there will be time slots available.

Can I reserve two time slots back to back?
No. If you book two time slots one after the other in the same day, the second one will be automatically cancelled.

Can I exchange my reservation with someone else?
No. The exchange of reservations between members is not accepted. The reservation will have to be cancelled and re-booked by the other member.

Are drinks still available from reception?

Yes, tea, coffee and cold drinks will be available. Hot drinks will be sold in disposable compositable cups. Unfortunately we are currently unable to provide glasses for water so please bring a pre filled water bottle with you. 

Is there access to the water fountain?

Yes, the water fountain has been relocated next to reception. Wherever possible please bring a prefilled water bottle to minimise contact in this area. The fountain will be cleaned regularly along with the rest of the facility. 

Can I access changing rooms?

Yes, the changing rooms remain open, however we would like to encourage all visitors to arrive dressed and ready to climb to avoid overuse and crowing of the changing areas. If you must use the changing areas there are 2 available in the bike store (old reception) and a further 4 changing rooms in the new area. 

Is there still bike storage available?

Yes, we want to encourage as many City Bloc customers to travel to the centre by bike as possible and have recently installed indoor bike storage for 13 bikes.  

Can I use the shower?

Yes, the shower will be available but we would like to discourage use of this wherever possible. If you would like to use the shower please inform a member of staff so we can make sure it is cleaned after use. 

How many members of the same family can come together?

Family bubbles can come together at a ratio of one child per adult. We understand children can get quite excited when they come to City Bloc but we must ensure that everyone is safe therefore adults must strictly ensure that children adhere to the social distancing rules and maintain a safe distance from guests at all times. 


What happens to my membership now that you’ve reopened?
Monthly memberships and annual Memberships will be reactivated on your first return to climb.

What happens to my membership if I don’t feel comfortable climbing?
If you don’t feel comfortable restarting your City Bloc membership just yet, your membership will remain frozen until you return to the centre. Please inform us if you would like your membership reactivating.  


Are your prices remaining the same?
As of July 25th 2020 our prices have increased slightly.

Are your hours changing?
We have extended our hours and will now open at 10am Monday – Sunday, please remember reservations are always required.

If I don’t want to climb, do I have to pay?
Yes. Space is limited, so if you want to come to the gym you will need to pay an entry fee even if you do not plan on climbing.

If we are in the same household or bubble do we need to respect social distancing?
No. Members the same household or bubble do not need to maintain social distancing with each other however you must only enter in groups of two people maximum and respect the distance of other members of the centre. 

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