Animate Social Warm Up Class

Give your routine a boost with ‘Animate’ Social Warm-up Sessions

Every Thursday from 18:30 to 19:00. Tailored for those 18 and above, join us for invigorating warm-ups and a community-driven fitness experience.

Free to all

Thanks to our partnership with Bloc Wellbeing, this class is now free for everyone – just pay your normal entry fee. Get stuck in, create a routine, and make new pals.

Craving a refreshing twist on your usual warm-up routine? Looking for an exciting and vibrant atmosphere to meet like-minded souls? Look no further than our Animate sessions at City Bloc

Prepare for a dynamic experience that shakes up the norm with lively games, invigorating stretches, and engaging movement techniques. With a commitment to infusing your experience with enjoyment, fostering genuine connections, and ensuring your optimal warmth and readiness, our aim is to empower you with the preparation and psych needed to triumph any bloc that comes your way.

Guided by our experienced instructor, Andy, sessions run every Thursday from 18:30 -19:00. The structured session begins with a 10-minute warm-up game, which may include favourites such a ‘Pizza Party’ or ‘Beanbag Bouts’, setting an atmosphere of shared camaraderie. Following this, a round of instructor led dynamic stretches will continue for another 10 minutes, comprehensively working through each joint from head to toe, and preparing you for those tricky boulders ahead. Finally, the last 10 minutes of the session will be filled with a variety of purposeful movement exercises such as ‘bear crawls’ and ‘crab walks’, thoughtfully selected to enhance your agility and prowess on the wall.

We want you to know that this invigorating warm-up session takes place every week, inviting you to kickstart not just your session but a whole new weekly routine. You’re encouraged to join us each time, whether you bring along a friend or look forward to meeting new faces. Animate sessions are crafted for camaraderie and enjoyment – join in and make each warming up sesh a regular highlight of your Thursday trip to the Bloc.

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