Introducing Outdoor Climbing Classes

intro to outdoor bouldering

Join us for our first session at Brimham Rocks, 28th April 24

Outdoor Sessions Launch in Collaboration with Bloc Wellbeing

Join us as we debut our new series of outdoor sessions, a collaborative initiative with Bloc Wellbeing, designed to blend adventure with wellness in the great outdoors. To book email: [email protected]

Engage with Nature

Discover the serene beauty of Brimham Rocks while honing your climbing skills in a supportive, instructor-led environment.

Skill Development

Learn practical climbing techniques that enhance both your confidence and competence on real rock .

Connect and Grow

Join a community of climbers who share your enthusiasm for outdoor adventures and personal growth.

Discover Bloc Wellbeing CIC: Adventure with Purpose

Bloc Wellbeing CIC, in partnership with City Bloc, is dedicated to promoting holistic wellbeing through adventurous indoor and outdoor activities. Our mission is aimed at fostering personal growth, equity, inclusion, and skill development. We offer a variety of activities from rock climbing to tranquil woodland walks, providing opportunities for community members to engage and thrive. Join us for our upcoming event at Brimham Rocks on 28th April 2024, and experience how adventure can foster community and personal wellbeing.

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Event Overview: Climbing at Brimham Rocks

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