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Bloc Party is our biggest climbing party of the year. Every year we invite everyone from in and around the climbing community to come and celebrate with us. 2019 year was a special one as it marked our 10th Birthday, and it really felt it. So many people came together to help make it our biggest one yet, described by the legend that is Malcolm Haslam as ‘The best Bloc Party ever”. We are all still so psyched by how many of you showed up, had a crack at the comp, supported the climbers and just simply got involved in the good times!

Bloc Party 2019 Review

City Bloc Semi Finals  (12 of 19).jpg

The day kicked off with our qualifying round; 30 problems featuring our brand spanking new holds by Cheeta Holds, Flat Hold, Rock City Climbing Holds, Nomad Volumes, Ember Holds, 360 Holds and Xcult Climbing Holds. From here we took adult qualifiers from each round and sent them through in to the semi finals. Junior climber’s scores were totalled and they were granted their prizes based on their scores from the first round – well done juniors!

Bloc Party semi finals are a test of speed – we set the exact same problem twice, side by side and have two climbers go head to head to see who can top it the quickest. In the Women’s we had close battles on The Barrel, which brought Holly Murray, Jo Neame, Ayesha Khan, Deanna Sharma, Robyn Eldekvist and Ella farley through in to the finals. Down the mat, we had the men cruising around the volumes, pushing to top out first, which left Max Milne, Hamish Mcarthur, Dave Barrans, Aiden Dunne and Gus Turner in the finals.

City Bloc Semi Finals  (7 of 19).jpg

During the finals the room became absolutely electric as bodies were flying everywhere and problems were being flashed left right and centre. It was a close battle that brought GB Climber Jo Neame coming first place for the women, with our very own Ayesha Khan coming in second and our cake & sandwich specialist Holly Murray scoring third place. In the mens final, our podium welcomed back Dave Barrons in third place and other fellow GB climbers; Hamish Mcarthur in second and Max Milne taking first place!

It is beautiful to see the amount of respect, power and unity amongst all the competitors and spectators at Bloc Party this year. We hope you had fun, maybe even get yourself some tasty freebies – you’re all incredible and we’re so proud to see the community coming together and just simply enjoying climbing together. We can’t thank our sponsors (below) enough for the support they offered to make this year happen.