Join us for the Winter League Climbing Competition. If you’re new to our league competitions, you’re in the right place. The Winter League is a free to enter competition aimed at climbers of all levels, where you can engage in a spot of friendly competition and have a shot at getting a spot in the live finals in April 2024.

The Winter League spans December 2023 to April 2024. We invite anyone and everyone of all abilities to come and participate in as many rounds as you can. Every round is a 35 problem circuit, ranging in difficulty, number 1 being the easiest and number 35 being the hardest. Within the round dates, you can have attempts over as many sessions as you wish. The more rounds you enter the more you will increase the chances of your overall scores being higher on the leaderboard. Get involved, try your best and have fun. 

League Game-Changer: Bonus Zones are In. Rack up points, even when the top seems a tad elusive.

Five Rounds

Five rounds of comp challenges coming your way, with each round unfolding over three weeks. Your goal: tackle 35 problems in each round and rack up the highest score you can.

Everyone Welcome

Categories at the Winter League include Junior Female, Junior Male, Open, Adult Male & Adult Female.

Log Your Sends

Chuck your sends on BETA, our new software platform. Record your sends knowing that there will be no typos! Prefer paper? Let our staff help out.



The final will take place on the City Bloc Competition Wall. We will look at the scores at the end of Round 5 and announce who will be going through to the Live Finals.

If you haven’t been down for the LIVE FINALS before, get ready for a proper treat. It’s always filled with good vibes, with a friendly bunch of competitors and supportive spectators. If you make it to the finals, then you get to experience how amazing it is having people cheering you on, giving you extra power to tackle a problem. If you fancy spectating, absolutely everyone is invited; the atmosphere is nothing short of lovely and chilled. Pull up a sofa and grab a Northern Monk beer and watch the finalists battle it out on the wall.

Launch Nights

Launch Nights: At the start of every round, we unveil the climbs at 7 pm and kick off the celebration with DJ beats and free pizza to lift your spirits on a winter Friday eve. It’s a great chance to come down, meet new friends and get some sends under your belt on lovely clean holds.

How it works

First Spot the Start Holds. Every problem has clearly marked start holds; look out for 4 wooden tags, each sporting the number of the problem. Your job? Get all four limbs on these marked points to start the climb. Also, check out where the bonus zone is – look for a hold midway, marked with tape.

Bonus Zone: We’ve introduced bonus zones to ramp up your scores. Zones offer more chances to boost your score and maximise the challenge because now you can work a problem to the midway point and still score. Just remember, you’ve got to reach it in control for that sweet extra point.

Scoring and Logging your Sends

Scoring Format

Wondering how to log your scores? Here’s a bit of extra info. In our league competitions we like to keep it, fun, and, most importantly, fair. Here’s a breakdown of how you tally up those sends:

Scoring Points, here’s how it works:

  • Flash (First Attempt): Score a solid 10 points if you nail the problem on your first go.
  • Second Attempt: Bag 7 points if you conquer the challenge on your second attempt.
  • Third Attempt: Still working on it? Score 4 points if you reach the top on third attempt.
  • Subsequent Attempts: 2 points for succeeding on any attempt.
  • Bonus Zone (Bonus Holds): Reach and hold it in control for an extra point.

Bonus Zones:
Just incase you missed it, we’ve added Bonus Zones. Even if you can’t conquer a problem entirely, reaching a bonus hold means additional points. This could be a game-changer, if you want to add a layer of challenge to your climbing strategy.

Logging Your Climbs:
Fear not the typos. We’ve streamlined the process with BETA, our new software platform. Tech-phobic? No problem. We’ll help you get them logged on BETA hassle-free.

The BETA app is available on Apple and Android, you can get it here.

Leaderboard and Progress:
Curious about your standing? After each round, check out how you’re doing on BETA and we also drop a leaderboard on our social channels at the end of each round. Track your progress, see where you stand.


1st Attempt


2nd Attempt


3rd Attempt


4+ Attempts


Bonus Zone



Winter League features various categories, including Junior Female, Junior Male, Open, Adult Male & Adult Female.

Participants under the age of 18

Supervising Adults

 If its your first time at City Bloc and you’re an adult planning to take take part in the Winter League and also keeping an eye on participants under 18, there’s a little paperwork to tackle. You’ll need to fill out both the Adult registration form and the Under 18 form for the young climbers you’re supervising.

This ensures that all participants, regardless of age, are properly registered and accounted for during the session.


Any participants under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult unless they have undergone a junior assessment. An adult can supervise up to two under 18 participants, and supervising adults must be present in the building for the full session.

Junior Assessment

For climbers aged 14 to 17, we have the junior assessment option. This assessment allows them to register as Junior Unsupervised, meaning they can climb without a supervising adult in the centre. Junior assessments need to be signed off before the session they plan to attend. To arrange a junior assessment, drop us an email at [email protected] or enquire at reception.

Age Recommendations

We generally suggest that climbs are suitable for those aged 14 and above. However it be aware that the comp blocs are primarily set for adults.

For Supervising Adults Who Are Climbing

For those responsible adults who are keeping an eye on participants under 18 but aren’t planning to climb themselves, there’s no fee for supervising adults who are not climbing. We genuinely appreciate your support in making sure our younger visitors stay safe and sound.