Dog Policy

At City Bloc we want to be as accommodating as we can be within the constraints of a busy climbing wall. Whilst we will always do our best to allow you to bring dogs in, priority must be given to ensuring everyone has a safe and enjoyable time at City Bloc and therefore if we have centre users with phobias of dogs or allergies then we will sadly have to ask that your dog will not be able to remain in the centre.

Guide dogs and assistance dogs are allowed in all areas of the centre at any time.

Below are our general rules for bringing dogs to the centre:

  • We allow well behaved, quiet dogs to be brought to the centre.
  • Dogs must stay on the grey solid flooring all times.
  • For hygiene reasons, dogs are not allowed behind reception.
  • Dogs are not permitted to go on the climbing mats or into the gym and training area.
  • If your dog makes a mess, please clean it up straight away. We will help provide cleaning equipment if needed.
  • We often have kids in the centre, please be aware that they may approach your dog so be aware and ready to assist if needed.
  • If your dog repeatedly barks then we will sadly have to ask you to remove your dog from the centre as this can be an unsafe distraction to climbers and compromise safety.
  • Please avoid bringing dogs at peak time, the centre can get very busy and we have minimal space to accommodate dogs.

Dog access is not guaranteed and therefore we would advise calling in advance to check that there are no large groups in prior to bringing them down that could compromise your dog entry.

However, even if you have called in advance this does not guarantee entry and we may still have to turn your dog away as circumstances can change very quickly. Therefore please make sure that you have an alternative option for your dog should we sadly not be able to allow entrance to the centre.